AI : The future of email marketing

It is hard to believe that emails are existing even now after more than 45 years. Most marketing executives of today have never lived a life without sending or receiving an email. Every one of us irrespective of the work profile, access emails in all types of devices, anywhere and anytime. Approximately 100 billion business emails are sent and the number is expected to increase to approximately 4.9 billion.

Email marketing still remains and will continue to remain famous in the B2B world since it allows deep and long communication rather than messaging on social media. Emails also provide other forms of messaging options including social media messaging and more. Well email marketing won’t be going away soon and all the credit goes to artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This technology can analyze the receiver’s behavior and this process is re-vitalizing the email marketing experience.

All of these are important but understanding why and when recipients will open their respective email is still a mystery. Till date, email marketing has worked via timed mass email distribution guided by vague intuition collected from mass and manual analysis. Along with this, guesstimating when there is a possibility for emails to be read was also a factor that effected email marketing.

But moving to the present, machine learning systems can now effortlessly note email optimizations patterns, remember them and improve timetables for delivering messages in the top of inbox throughout optimal engagement window. Marketers escalate that most prospect clients don’t have a list that is favored as a communiqué channel that may contain social media messages, text message and push notifications as well. AI email marketing takes advantage of the absence of these channels in their processes. Within no time, the machine learning system improves the email delivery by learning the preferred route well to deliver the message. This may contain right content that is brought at the right time by the preferred channel.

AI systems can also be used as

  • Chatbots
  • Finalizing leads
  • Marketing automation
  • Optimizing Ad targeting
  • Personalized web pages and apps
  • Predictive analysis
  • Remarketing and re-engagement
  • Running strong personalized email campaigns

In short, it can be said that, this will help every company save money, streamline tasks, reduce time through automating sales as well as personalize customer experiences in the entire business cycle.

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