Avoid these common mistakes as a telemarketer in the B2B world

Being a telemarketer is not an easy job, especially if you belong to the B2B world. As it is people want to avoid marketing calls as much as possible, on top of that the people you are calling hold important business roles and therefore their time is even more valuable. In such a situation a simple mistake can mean the loss of a prospect lead. So follow these tips and avoid some of the most common mistakes.


DO NOT send anything to anyone without their consent. Be it an email, an invitation link, or a group joining request. People don’t like to be sent things that they are not interested in. Rather if you ask for their consent while explaining what you are offering, there are chances that their interest will be aroused.

Personal info

DO NOT ask for personal info unless strictly business related. Know the person’s position you are going to call and all other general info before you make the call. You can re-check the info you have with the person on call; this also allows them to know that you did your research before calling them.


This is somewhat connected to the previous point. Once you have collected the information of your target, personalize your speech as per their needs. Speak about things that they are interested in and things that involve their business. Remember, in the end you are targeting their business and not the person.

Don’t be salesy

Since a B2B telemarketer needs to make at least 50-70 calls a day, it is very easy to start sounding the same with everyone. Try to do this as less as possible. Decide on a certain few lines about the offer you are going to pitch, and allow the rest of the conversation to be as natural as possible. Anyone can spot a sales call, and they are most likely to shut you out as soon as they do.

So avoid these common mistakes that telecallers make and be a more successful B2B brand.

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