Increase the number of subscribers to your email newsletter with these tips

Since most brands are now heading out towards inbound marketing campaigns, email newsletters have become an essential part of the process. However, it is not that easy to get people to actually subscribe and follow your newsletter. Newsletters have not really stood the test of time when it comes to marketing policies, but since inbound marketing is the path you have chosen, you need to get your newsletter across to as many people as possible. So here are some of the methods you can use to integrate email newsletters into the modern age of marketing and grow your subscription base.


Everybody wants an incentive for doing something, even for making a single click. And thus you need to provide an incentive, in this case a free service, for subscribing to your newsletter. This free service can be educational content such as whitepapers, how to videos, ebooks, etc. Pick niche areas and provide customer friendly incentives. This way you can provide a variety of freebies to get different groups of people to subscribe to the newsletter.

Social media integration

Your newsletter needs to be visible outside of emails, mainly on social media. One of the easiest ways to get this done is by pushing your subscribers to regularly share your newsletter. This also means original and creative content needs to be provided via the newsletter. Use your social media profiles to speak about topics concerning the newsletter, invite guest speakers over for Facebook live sessions, and every other mean provided to integrate and promote your upcoming newsletter.

Cross promotion

There will a variety of businesses with whom you can tie up to spread your newsletter across. This actually works really well for B2B marketing brands, since their primary customers are also business houses and not consumers. Further incentives can be provided to grow your subscribers by using a certain channel, such as contests, promotional discounts, etc.

The last thing that you need is a slacking newsletter with a growing budget for content creation, and having it reach no one. Use these tips to grow your subscriber list and your content quality should also follow hand in hand.

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