Learn how to make your brand visible with these easy web presence analysis tips

It is one thing to have your social media presence on point, and it is completely another to ensure that you land within the first three results of a Google search. Any industry professional will tell you that the latter is infinite times tougher than the former. But this is where web presence analysis comes in. There are quite a few things that one can do to push their business up the Google search results list but to understand what needs to be done, your current presence needs to be analyzed first.

The Google Search Control is a great tool in this regard. It allows you to know exactly which keywords are being used to find your website on a Google search and this information is really helpful to understand how your rank is affected. This will give you a primary list of keywords for your brand, and by using further keyword tools you can gather a secondary set of keywords as well. Now you can use each keyword to search and see where your website ends up in a Google search, and you can keep doing this on a regular basis to know how well your technique is affecting your results.

The next tool that is absolutely important in understanding a brand’s web presence is local business citation. You can do this using the free tool from Google, ‘My Business’, or go for some of the paid apps out there. If you keep your local business citation updated it gives your brand a higher chance to rank within the first few results of a local search.

Apart from this you also need to ensure that your entire marketing strategy is inbound in nature, i.e. all media direct back to your website. This will also affect your position on Google as the more hits you have, the higher you rank. Remember that your web presence is highly important regarding how your clients perceive your capabilities.

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