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SEO has evolved a lot as Google is removing all spam techniques. So, what is the real role of SEO now and how all these have changed in all these years, let us take a look.

A look at yesterday and today

On-page optimization: Earlier doing on-page optimization, SEO would just map 2 to 5 keywords and may optimize page elements, including (title, headings, meta description, body content etc.) with respect to these keywords.

Nevertheless, things have changed; there is an advance in machine learning as well as semantic search by which page may rank numerous related keywords for optimizing a page. This is a better way of doing things that will place only those contents at the top that will fulfill requirements of the reader and give a fruitful experience.

Today’s SEO must have a good understanding of content creation and promotion. Today the SEO is a combination of optimizing existing content, creating new, optimizing new content to enforce brand as well as capturing social signals for ranking high in SERPs.

In today’s world, mobile devices have overtaken desktop, although the latter still exists so in today’s time SEO’s focus must be towards optimizing mobile experience to ensure mobile pages load in few seconds.

Local- Google has changed local results numerous times from 10 to 7 packs and currently 3 packs. Currently, local is entirely about positive reviews and all credit of this goes to Pigeon update.

Links- Links have always been a great factor in determining SEO ranking. Nevertheless, this has changed a lot in recent years. Earlier SEO was completely about link quality, more the number of links, its better. It was easy to get links from sites, questionable repute so numerous SEOs secured links with the help of anchor test from high page rank sites.

In today’s time it’s only about quality, links from relevant and authoritative sites have importance. Along with this search engine see “natural” link profile with a good mix of link types, branded anchor text and keyword rich anchor text etc.

Social- Previously in Twitter, Facebook as well as other social networks, online sharing took place greatly through instant messaging and email that fell outside the scope of the SEO campaign.

In today’s time SEO and social media work together for increasing brand exposure, connecting business to their respective audience as well as driving consumer engagement. Modern SEO should use social networking for promoting content to earn links and shares for maximum exposure.

With respect to the evolution of SEO, focus is on pursuing relevant link as well as high quality content which are useful to readers. Backlink must be monitored to remove low quality link.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO hasn’t changed much and audit’s basic principles still apply. Currently, SEO ensures that client’s site is built in a mobile friendly way and load as fast as possible This type of SEO is highly required by web developers.

With respect to the evolution of SEO, it has changed a lot and all must get used to it. SEO optimization is now towards connecting client’s content to end users over numerous platforms and devices.

In the place of search engine optimization, it is wise to think as content experience analysts who will be none other than professionals who are charged of optimizing a particular brand’s web property for attracting consumers in every stage of consumers’ journey.

Only be following all latest updates of SEO, it is possible for any site to rank.

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