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Stanford Rules College or university – Robert Crown Legislation Library

Stanford Rules College or university – Robert Crown Legislation Library

Ultimate Court regarding Ca

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Individuals v. Figueroa (1986) 41 Cal.three-dimensional 714 , 224 Cal.Rptr. 719; 715 P.2d 680 [Crim. No. 24252. Best Courtroom away from Ca. April seven, 1986.]

(Opinion by the Bird, C. J., that have Mosk, Broussard, Grodin, JJ., and you may Takei (Taketsugu), J., concurring. Separate concurring advice by Reynoso, J., that have Lucas, J., concurring.)

John K. Van de- Kamp, Attorneys Standard, Edward P. O’Brien, Secretary Attorneys Standard, Derald Elizabeth. Granberg and you will Robert Roentgen. Granucci, Deputy Attorneys Standard, getting Plaintiff and you will Respondent.

The primary concern displayed from this focus is if this new demo courtroom, in good prosecution towards the sales out-of unqualified bonds, erred [41 Cal.3d 718] in the training the latest jury this 1 “Corporation Promissory Cards” were “securities” in the concept of the organization Bonds Legislation. (Corp. Code, § 25000 mais aussi seq. fn. 1)

Stanford Rules University – Robert Top Rules Library

Joseph and Dennis Figueroa interest away from a view out of conviction having one count out of promoting unqualified securities. (§§ 25110, 25540.) This new jury deadlocked on the thirteen most counts, eight so-called facing Joseph and five against Dennis. Afterwards, a mistrial try stated into the men and women counts, as well as were overlooked toward understanding that they could be believed because of the courtroom to own restitution aim. One another appellants were given regards to probation that have criteria plus restitution, a suspended state prison label, and people service.

Within the middle-February off 1979, Arlo Kurrle taken care of immediately an advertising which in fact had appeared in new San Jose Mercury News. The fresh ad stated “Solar power & Times Business. Spouse need which have $eight,one hundred thousand or maybe more. Active or nonactive.” Kurrle entitled one of several several phone numbers listed in the fresh new post and talked to Joseph Figueroa, which revealed a current insulation company and his awesome need to build toward solar energy.

Kurrle met Joseph with his boy, Dennis, 24 hours later. New Figueroas told Kurrle throughout the Figueroa Insulation & Opportunity Co., Inc. (Insulation) of which Dennis try chairman. The new solar energy team would also feel a firm. Kurrle read about a few other companies, Figueroa Financial Insurance policies Characteristics, Inc. (Insurance) and you can Figueroa Company & Financial Consultants (Financial).

Joseph and Dennis suggested one to Kurrle dedicate $10,100 within providers. The money were to be used on the purchase of insulation gizmos and also the having telephones accustomed solicit loan users.

During the first fulfilling, Kurrle and you will Joseph discussed if Kurrle were to become active when you look at the the business. Kurrle conveyed demand for that have a direct role, perhaps about sales or government elements.

A few days after, Kurrle called Joseph and you will wanted to lend the organization $10,100000. There is zero conversation on what mode Kurrle’s resource [41 Cal.three dimensional 719] perform need, but Kurrle “try thinking with regards to a loan . that could be documented.” During the talk, Joseph advised Kurrle he was an officer in one single of one’s Figueroa providers.

Over the next four weeks, Kurrle paid off the cash on the Figueroas into the five independent installments confirmed of the four dos-12 months notes. fn. 2 The new notes was to secure 10 % focus per year. Kurrle encountered the option to bring commission inside dollars otherwise shares of your own organization. The latest next loan payment, having $dos,five-hundred, constituted the cornerstone to your charge about what the brand new Figueroas was in fact fundamentally convicted. fn. 3 Kurrle generated financing by providing the brand new Figueroas a check payable in order to Dennis. The borrowed funds is actually observed of the a good “Enterprise Promissory Mention” regarding Insulation which had been closed by the Dennis. Inside the associated area it mentioned:

Into the Really worth Gotten, with the otherwise Ahead of 24 months immediately after day, instead sophistication The fresh new Figueroa Insulation & Energy Business, Inc., intends to spend for the order from Mr. Arlo Kurrle, out-of San Jose, California otherwise from the his home or office. [¶] The sum of the $dos,500 a couple thousand dollars & Five hundred during the rates out of 10% percent annum until paid. . [¶] . Its [sic] conformed and you may realized, that organization mention is owed an enthusiastic [sic] payable within the a couple of years out of time of notice as well as [sic] then agreed and you will understood, you to appeal is to be repaid yearly [sic] every year, however, all the due and you will payable April 27th, 1981. . “

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