Understanding the Full Funnel and how to use it

The full funnel is a rather new concept in the world of marketing, but it is one with a lot of promises. While most marketing agencies, both B2B and B2C, have a clear distinction between marketing and sales; the full funnel approach poses a system which makes no distinction between these two functions and allows a singular flow of leads. In the course of this it also allows a better opportunity for your target market to find your brand on their searches. Let us see how this works.

The full funnel approach begins with your website, or more specifically, with your landing page. Most marketing brands use their landing page as a sort of brochure for their services and products. This has to end. Your landing page needs to serve all your marketing purposes, i.e. introducing your services and products, share your portfolio, prove why you should be hired, and give a call to action. And all of this needs to be within maybe 20 seconds.

Understanding the buyer journey is of paramount importance in this case. Not a lot of people make a huge calculated decision before selecting a business vendor, other than cost of course. If you are able to serve the answers to your clients’ questions even before they are asked, it is highly possible that they will pick your brand over your competitors. Your goal should be to turn every visitor into a customer, and if you do this right your funnel shall runneth over.

There are quite a few marketing agencies right now who deal with the full funnel approach towards things and the numbers are definitely going to grow in coming times. If you wish to employ this technique make sure to hire an agency which can add perfection to the content on your website. You are going to have to absolutely change the way you look at sales, move your marketing concentration from the bottom of the funnel to the top, and thus you are going to require a time hardened sales team to do this job.

There are also agencies that have adopted this approach but are still calling themselves as inbound marketing agencies. Whatever the case may be, the increase in the number of sales is what matters, and this approach is aimed solely at that.

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