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Why are B2B and B2C companies against each other in the current market

Marketing used to be a fair game for all. You had a product and you tried to sell it, that’s how simple it was. However, there was a huge boom in the number of choices that every consumer had regarding each product, and the rules slowly started changing. Producers now had to apply various methods of marketing to be able to sell their product and also hire industry professionals. Here a clear division was created between the people who tried to use every internet hit generated by turning them into leads, the B2B marketers, and those, who used other more conventional means to reach their target audience, the B2C marketers.

For a very long time these two worlds had not crossed paths, they had their own way of dealing with things that seldom troubled one another. However, within the current market conditions, there are quite a few factors that affect this relationship, one of the primary factors being the growth of numerous small businesses. These businesses act both as consumer and as a production house and thus the realm of the B2B and the B2C marketing collide head on.

How does this affect the content?

Everyone knows how important content is to marketing. It is literally what sells the product, besides the product itself. And with these new changes in the marketing game, content is also changing as per the tide. Previously, content with emotion or story was restricted to the B2C sphere, and more hard factual content was used by B2B marketing executives. However, of recent these lines are constantly blurring. Companies that serve also as consumers need to see both the emotional side and the exact specs. And as a result, the content needs to have both while trying to fit within a constantly reducing attention span of the consumer.

The most common thing between the B2B and the B2C sphere is that both of them constitute of human interactions. And therefore since these humans are changing with the market, so are the basis of the interactions and demands.

This change in the marketing world and in turn the feud between the B2B and the B2C world is now being referred to as a ‘cold war’, and it is safe to say that B2B marketers currently have the upper hand in this war. If only due to the fact that they have always dealt with professionals on the other hand and thus their content and interaction is much more professional and to the point.

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