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Why Artificial Intelligence isn’t everything?

Artificial intelligence has taken the marketing industry forward by quite a few big steps. Most marketing executives are looking at it as a sort of revelation and are always trying to get the best out of it. And it is not for the lack of good reason. There are quite a few processes that automation services can provide much smoothness to and also help save a lot of time and effort. However, applying automation to every prospect field in marketing can have certain negative impacts upon the revenue and also lead to complicacies.

Let’s start with chat bots. There are quite a few segments where one can not simply place chat bots and expect customers to be happy. This world loves personalized services, and therefore chat bots become highly redundant if you’re trying out customer retention strategies such as ABM. Also there are too many brands which provide chat bots that are not up to the mark and make the buyer journey highly unpleasant.

What AI serves to provide in the field of marketing is only a guide, and not a code of command. This is very important to understand to not only remove the ailing effects of AI from your brand, but also make the best use of AI. An automation software takes into account what has happened in the past, and predicts futures based upon it. This can never equal the unlimited potential of the human brain belonging to a time hardened marketing executive. However, it is better to have a smart AI than an incapable executive calling the shots.

And lastly, just because it is a system, does not mean it won’t make an error. Every AI system runs on codes, codes that are written by humans. Along with this when you take into account the fact that the AI field is still not 100% developed, you start to realize that the conservation with a returning seller being left to automation services is not the best idea.

But at the same time, AI software provide unmatched services in quite a few areas of marketing, and these should definitely be pondered upon.

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