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7 Ways to Get More Out of Your B2B Database

For every B2B marketer, their respective database is the most important assets, whether the marketer is doing cold call campaign or he/she is using account based marketing (ABM)   to get leads. To get accurate contact information it is important to get clean database with supreme quality information so that you get flawless contact information. This will permit you to create targeted segment for you to get a high chance of getting associated with your audience in a productive way.

Numerous B2B companies struggle constantly to keep their data base clean along with accurate list in detail since they get infinite data from numerous source which makes them overwhelmed but they struggle to keep these clean. To ensure that this struggle becomes a cakewalk, kindly spare some time and read these tips so that you get most out of your data.

1.Classify what are crucial for your record

An organization needs a great deal of data base when multiple departments require access to them. Start by making a list of all data properties that are crucial.

2. It is not difficult to make things simple, start doing it

Usually departments are overlapped with numerous things for example basic contact information. So you must start by making things simple. Find some time, go through all data and remove outdated and redundant ones.

3. A department owner must be assigned

Start by assigning an owner in each department or in the company who will take the responsibility to govern data.  This person’s responsibility will be to check the result when a new field is required to add to the database, person to be contacted in need along with it the approval process.

Assign someone who will regularly review every contact and ensure that their department is up-to-date.

4. Establish protocol for values

Drop-down menus can remove inconsistencies regarding the way data is recorded and can make rules about the manner by which information must be entered to ensure  these fields are useable and searchable.

Data must be streamlined to find what is required. Further a document must be created for values those are required to be entered in more than a way to guarantee consistency.

5. Review must be done regularly for accuracy

There is always a possibility of human error although the team is well trained. Thus, a policy must be made to ensure who will be responsible for monitoring all entries to check duplicate leads or misspellings.

6. List Segmentation

Leverage your marketing automation to set up dynamic lists (like HubSpot’s Smart Lists) to automatically segment your contacts according to filters so you don’t have to do this manually. Then, data segmentation will take care of itself as data is cleaned up or added.

7. Document

All standard operating procedures must be documented that will outline property definitions, custom properties, person to contact to change requests, along with approval process. Everything must be documented with respect to daily, weekly, and even monthly data-management process. Further, it is better to automate maximum data clean-up scripts but if it is impossible add them to keep to your SOP to keep all data clean.

Data management isn’t a onetime project; it’s continuous, important process and it includes a company’s every user. Follow these tips to guarantee that your database is the commanding marketing tool.

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