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A quick guide to creating the best B2B Marketing Strategies for Social Media Marketing

Social media is without doubt a powerhouse of the marketing world, but most of it consists of B2C companies. In such a state it is quite common for B2B companies to think that their presence on social media, especially the more glamorous ones such as Instagram or Facebook will not help much in lead generation, they are absolutely wrong. What it requires is a sound strategy and within no time your social media game will be impeccable.

So what lies in the perfect strategy? Is it the team with the most skills doing regular round of marketing job on their social media platforms? Does that really work? We don’t think so. What we think, and has been proven by a score of industry professionals, is that rather than trying to build skill and integrate B2B marketing into social media, it should be the other way round. Instead of finding ways to try to see which form of B2B marketing suits the type of social media you are using, a much better thing to do is to aim for selecting the right platform for the skill that is the strongest among your marketing team.

There are quite a few B2B brands on social media which are working amazingly, and we are not talking only about LinkedIn, which is the go to social media platform for all business related personnel. Rather, if you look at some of the more glamorous social media pages, such as Instagram, there are quite a few B2B companies that are doing excellent there. You can check the Instagram page of Novartis Inc. for example.

What these pages try to do as part of their social media marketing strategy is fill their content with what people want to see but at the same time keep it related to the business as well. So, two primary strategies are at play here. First, to integrate social media into your B2B marketing skills and not the other way around, and to realize what people would want to read or see and select your content accordingly. Start with these two bits and the rest of your social media marketing strategy should follow suit.

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