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Top 5 video marketing tips for B2B executives to rule the game

Video marketing is undoubtedly one of the best ways to reach out to people and it is also the best way to be able to fully describe what you are selling. In the recent times videos have become one of the most used method of finding data, and YouTube, the primary video based search engine, has over 1 billion hours’ worth of video content viewed each day.

We are pretty sure that every B2B marketing executive thinks that they can come up with the best video idea for their product or brand. However, there are a few industry tips that can help you stand out and ensure that you get those extra hits by being not only creative but also smart.


There are quite a few brands that shell out a lot of money on animation when it comes to their product videos. According to recent studies, people prefer to see real people handling the product they want to buy rather than an animated 3D figure. Show real people, show real interactions, and most importantly, tell a story.


Most videos that brands make usually open with their logo, or close with it. This is an extremely rookie mistake. It is always a better option to have a constantly running watermark throughout the video which points out both the logo and the website of the brand. This way, if your video gains cross platform momentum, whereby people are organically uploading your video on to their profiles, they will never be able to remove your logo from the video.


If you wanna stay ahead, you gotta use the latest tech! Livestreaming is not only a great way to make a quick video but it is also immensely popular among social media users. You must learn to use this to your advantage. Livestream a small workplace get together but at the same time have someone give a product bio in the middle of it. Livestream webinars, seminars, talks, and every other form of speech that has anything to do with the product. As a bonus these videos stay back in your timeline and you can later use them again.

Cross Platform Videos

You need to send your videos to at least more than two platforms. While doing this, remember to change the aspect ratio of these videos to suit the platform you are uploading it to. If you are uploading it to YouTube make sure to use the extra features such as transcript etc. to give a SEO boost to the video.


SEO plays a role everywhere in the B2B world, even in video marketing where words are not typed. In this case you need to ensure that your video title, description, and your list of hashtags are all SEO friendly so that your video appears higher up in the search category. Keep a check on what people search for when they are searching products such as yours and frame the title around those keywords.

Most of the textual formats of marketing are slowly being overcome by videos since people nowadays prefer to read the least amount possible. This is what you need to cash in on and make sure you use these tips and make your video marketing more powerful than ever before.

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