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Engagement is key in video advertising

The primary purpose of any content, be it audio, video, or written, is to engage the target audience. Since we all know that this is the age of visual advertising, let us consider your target consumer and lay down the rules for how to maximize the engagement through a series of visual images, a video, or a mix of both. When it comes to B2B marketing agencies, video advertising is definitely one of the most revered forms of grabbing attention.

Time it Right

The timespan of the current viewing audience is quite less. Advertisements are shorter than ever before and online ones follow the same trend. The most basic concept to understand in this regard is the ability to press your content into smaller packages. Whether you’re creating a story or simply placing texts over backgrounds, you need to fit it within a sweet zone of 1-2 minutes.

Divide and Conquer

This is a great method for any B2B brand to consider while working on video advertising content. Basically you split the content into two solid halves and try to engage the viewer as much as possible in the first half and in the second half you try to fit in extra information since the viewer is already engaged in the video.

Use The Technology

Do not be merely satisfied with a simple home made video with a backing track. Use the technology available such as VR, 360 degree views, Augmented Reality, etc. to engage the audience as much possible. A good B2B brand always uses the best available technology to create the necessary content. Technology is the heart and soul of marketing and thus it goes without saying how deadly a combination of keywords and technology can be.


While keeping so many things in mind during a video campaign people usually forget to cut it short. Since the maximum attention span of the current consumer is quite short, you need to constantly remind yourself to minimalize any and every possible aspect of your campaign. One of the best example of this is the Nike shorts video campaign on Facebook.

How to Target

It is obvious that simply creating a dazzling video isn’t enough, it also needs to be sent to the right target audience and this is what separates a good B2B marketing executive from a poor one. There are various methods of selecting a target audience ranging from manual scavenging through online profiles, to social media adverts, to automated services, etc. Make your content unique, mark your target right, and you will be able to earn the right hits for your business.

Videos are a very powerful tool when it comes to engaging the audience and with the correct skill set it can benefit any agencies potential multifold.

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