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Why LinkedIn Is The Best Social Media Marketing Platform For B2B Marketers

Back in 2003 when LinkedIn was first published, it was overshadowed by industry giants such as Facebook and Twitter. However, with time, the industry has realized the true potential of LinkedIn to the point where right now, 2 professionals are signing up to it every second. At this rate LinkedIn serves as a great platform for business deals and due to its added feature of not having a strict algorithm, the chances of organic reach is also higher. Here are a few ways in which B2B marketers can benefit the most by using LinkedIn.

Using it as a tool

While other social media platforms simply become a way of reaching out to people, LinkedIn serves as a marketing tool for B2B brands looking for lead generation. If you choose to follow the right people and brands, you will stay up to date on their necessities, and also be able to figure out methods of approaching them for generating leads.

The Setting

The people who join LinkedIn are not there to connect with their family or loved ones, neither are they there to follow their favorite pop stars. The only reason someone opens a LinkedIn account is to find a means of business exchange. This creates a huge difference since a B2B marketing executive can be sure that their time and effort will be much better spent while approaching people on LinkedIn.

Better Content Use

You can actually stay in touch with a lot of people by constantly sharing original and fresh content from your page. According to industry sources you have 277% more chances of landing a legitimate hit from LinkedIn than from Facebook or Twitter. And as we know creating original content can not only be tough but also costly, and thus it finds a much better spot on LinkedIn for marketing purposes.

B2B marketing on social media is not a simple task that can be managed by any newcomer to the industry. Generating proper leads via sites such as Facebook are quite rare nowadays even while using paid promotional means. However, when it comes to LinkedIn, the job not only becomes easier but also bears better results in relation to the effort applied.

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