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Why you should start considering Quora as part of yours marketing strategy

Social media marketing is an awesome end of the marketing spectrum and it holds huge amounts of promise. But the most common mistakes made by B2B marketing brands is that they end up publishing their content on the same usual platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. However, there are many more social media platforms available which can serve the B2B purpose, and one of the best ones among them is Quora. Let us see how a B2B marketing brand can make use of this platform.

Providing content relating to your field

Rather than being a platform like twitter or Facebook, Quora is more like a user based forum, and these users constantly ask questions about the industry they are in. Since most of the blog posts a B2B brand makes serves to explain some form of system within the marketing sphere, the same content can be published here with minor tweaks thereby providing answers to these questions.

Name calling

No, we don’t mean to say people call each other names on Quora, but rather that on this platform one has to make posts under their names and not their company’s name. The company’s name can of course be mentioned, but only after the user’s name. This provides Quora marketers a huge advantage over other platforms since they are establishing trust by giving a sense of personalization to the content by posting under their name, and also creating a brand value by presenting the brand name.

Lead generation

The content that a brand posts on Quora needs to be somewhat different. While the core content remains the same, i.e. on the topic at hand, the structure is of a general answer with a CTA to a website at the end. If done right, a massive number of leads can be generated via these CTAs and thereby email ids can also be collected for lead gen purposes.

SEO boost

You are posting content, with SEO strategies intact, and mentioning your brand name in there. Therefore the crawlbots are going to link your page to these posts and place both your answers and thereby your website higher in SERPs once you start getting up votes.

So start using Quora right now and don’t miss out on an opportunity which the general B2B marketing populous has not caught up to yet. You can post most of your available content on this platform with some minor edits.


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