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3 tips for lead generation using Twitter

Twitter has lost its presence as a leading social media for quite a while now. But this does not mean that it has lost its utility to a B2B brand. There is uniqueness to the platform that is Twitter, and this uniqueness lies in its usability and not its features. Most of the features of Twitter are more or less available on one social media or another. So let us look at how to use Twitter for lead generation purposes.

Talking to business executives

Since most of the prospect targets of B2B brands are people higher up in their ranks, they are usually not so entertaining of sales offers on their social media pages. However, since tagging someone on Twitter is not considered that big a deal and since not a lot of people are tagged either, this person is more likely to see your tag on Twitter than on any other social platform. Therefore Twitter serves as a better platform to grab the attention of someone at a managerial position.

Quality and budget

These two usually go hand in hand. If you want quality content in your posts, you will need to spend budget on them. This is not the case for Twitter. Twitter never was a platform of how to videos, or over edited images. Twitter has always been about spreading the small news around, hence ‘tweets’. This is a great way to let people know about the nitty gritty things of your company and arouse their interest in it. And this requires absolutely no extra budget. Content marketing has never been so cheap.

Backlink hits

Twitter is one of the social media platforms that provide the most number of backlink hits. This means the more you post here the more website hits you will get compared to other websites. Therefore you also receive a chance to rank better on Google searches and secure more brand reach. So if you want to share backlinks, Twitter is the best place to do it.

So go ahead and push those tweet counts and share as much original content as you can!



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