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Understanding the connections between Social Media platforms and SEO marketing

These both are  two of the primary pillars of modern day marketing. While social media marketing ensures that you reach out to a target group on a regular basis, SEO marketing ensures that your presence on web searches is amongst the top. Basically without either one of them, the chances of a potential customer finding your brand would drop and therefore you need to emphasize on both fronts.

But one of the key to succeeding at both these spheres is to understand that they are connected, and if these connecting points are worked upon, they will surely lead towards the development of both. So here are aspects of your brand that involve both social media platforms and SEO marketing.

Brand awareness

Searches happen everywhere, not only on Google. And therefore it is important that your brand name stays up on all of these searches. So if you update your social media accounts daily you will stay up on the social media searches, and if you fill your updates with keywords these posts will also affect your position on searches outside social media platforms.

Use your backlinks

Whenever you post on social media make sure to provide a backlink to your website. This will lead to a chunk of the visitors being redirected to your webpage and thereby increasing your hits. And thus automatically pushing you to a better rank on Google without any separate website activity as well. So basically you have to ensure that your website has links to it within the social media world and also vice-versa.

Taking your time

Climbing up on a Google search takes time. It is not so simple a thing that anybody can pull off, and it also requires a lot of constant updating on your part. However, it is rather easy to garner a social media following. So give each one its due time, but at the same time use the benefits of each one of them to push the other.

Once you have mastered both these fields, you will be able to notice how the positioning of your brand changes on various platforms. Remember to use these points of connection well to give a boost to both at the same time.


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