5 things a B2B brand needs to get out of their customers

Customers are why we do what we do. But is getting the customer to buy your products enough, or is there more than they can do for you? We certainly think they can. A customer is not only a means of profit but a mark of success that one must wear proudly. So here are 5 things that your customer can do for you after buying your product.

Showcase you on their social media pages

This is something quite basic. In the age of social media, your online reputation matters a lot. And since your customers are mostly influencers, if they speak out about your brand on their personal social media accounts it can really help your garner some good reputation. Before you ask this of your clients ensure that you have already provided them with social media share buttons on multiple content that you delivered.

Give you their opinion

A customer feedback form is a must for every brand. It is important that you frame the questions on such a survey very carefully. A good policy to take is to divide the questions into two halves, the bigger half carrying MCQ type ones, and the smaller half carrying descriptive questions. Also ensure that filling up the entire form doesn’t take longer than maximum 5 minutes.


Now these can be a little tricky. Because you don’t want your clients ranting about something like how your email marketing process took 48 hours more than necessary. When a person sits down to write an online review, their psyche is to put everything down. So the best policy here is to try and get this done only by happy customers, because let’s be truthful, no brand can make every last customer happy.

Be your advocators

Referral programs work much more actively than you would think. Every B2B brand should have a referral program ready by which they can provide their clients certain freebies in return for them being your advocators. No marketing strategy can beat a client talking on your behalf to your prospect customers.

Talk about sales

Very few clients are going to do this for you and it is more naturally done by them rather than after you asking. If a client is to tell one of your prospect customers the words ‘buy from them’ they will mostly do it out of their own accords. You can sometimes choose to ask this of them, but in that case ensure that you hold a position of personal relationship with these clients.

So there you have it. Try to engage into these post sales processes and watch your conversion rates grow.

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