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Common mistakes to avoid for email marketers

You will not get a second opportunity to create a good impression. You can create a perfect first impression through the medium of an email. It is hard enough to make the way that you want to. You cannot build the rapport as well as pivot your strategy exactly if in any case you are saying something that does not resonate.

It is imperative enough to get that first email in a right way. When you cannot control to garner a response for your email, you can control each and everything in this way and you should.

If the core part of your email strategy is considered as a resource or an insight, it is important to think about your writing and also the packaging. If you are an expert then it becomes quite hard to build up the credibility. If in any case, your online communication is damaged with formatting and spelling errors. These are the worst mistakes that can cause an embarrassing situation for a sales marketing executive. So, this is the time to beware!

  1. Misspelling of words

According to the grammatical analysis, misspelled words are considered as the most common mistake to plague an email that is made in 2017. So, it is very important for you to use a tool to check your spelling which you type to catch different errors without slowing yourself down .

  1. Misusing “you’re” and “your”

These two words usually sound the same. They are not same in meaning certainly and that is quite easy to slip up. Similar thing happens between “there” and “their” and you have to know the difference between those two words because the meaning is absolutely different. Another word is “they’re” which means a different meaning. This kind of grammatical mistake has become a very common matter which makes the case quite harder to identify the users and this issue should be taken care of by the users very seriously.

Misusing both the terms “it’s” and “its” are also very common matters and users also have to be very conscious to apply both of those words properly.

  1. Repeating the words

The second common error of 2017 is repeating same words at a time. It means typing the same words accidentally for two times.

  1. Misspelling your company or prospect’s name

You can become tired by sending emails. Your eyes can become blurry by staring at the computer screen for a long time. You can guess what? Your prospect would not care and they will think that you have not done your online research in a proper way. These things can create huge problems regarding the accuracy. None of the above aspects bode well according to your capability to make the sales.

  1. Misspelling your own organization’s name

If you have fumbled the name of your own organization then it creates a bad sense that you don’t care so much.


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