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Is Email Marketing a better option than Social Media Marketing for B2B brands?

The answer that comes to your head is obviously ‘no’. We are here to tell you that is not that black and white in this case. It is without a doubt that social media is a primary marketing tool for any agency, be it B2B or B2C. With the various types of social media available, every brand finds a niche to provide their information to and it is indeed great. However, email marketing has a few ups to it that social media marketing can never reach, and here they are.

Emails are not deleted

Let’s say you send an offer to your potential customer through a social media channel, they see it, but they do not have the time to go through it right then – and thus it is most likely lost. But if you send it through email, there is always an option for that person to go back later and read it since it is sitting in the first page of their mailbox.

Direct Access

An email can work as a direct source of contact with a prospective buyer. Even if the communication has ended for the time being, it can be reopened at any time from both sides and this adds a huge advantage to a seller. A social media post can never fill these shoes and will most likely go unnoticed until boosted with money.


Since marketing is the central concept, the budget behind it needs to be regulated. Email marketing is without doubt one of the cheapest methods of marketing and social media, well, one of the costliest. Email marketing is literally nothing but sending mails with relevant information to all the clients, whereas social media content marketing would include a variety of processes and forms the production of which is not easy at all.

Emails have been one of the oldest methods of marketing and they have not gone out of fashion yet. This alone should tell you how important this platform is and why you should try to apply it aptly to your marketing strategy.


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