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The latest content marketing trends concerning the B2B world

Content marketing has existed since the beginning of marketing, and it still goes on to be one of the best possible ways to reach out to the target audience about your product or service. As per sources, all B2B brands spend almost 23% of their annual budget on developing content in various forms. This constant demand for content is possible because the trends in content marketing are forever evolving, and if you want to stay on top, you have to follow them!

Here are some of the latest trends you need to know about.

Budget Increment

Most B2B companies are seeing an upward curve in their expenditure towards content marketing. This is primarily because the forms of content that need to be developed have been drastically innovated and thus, higher forms of technology and more effort is required. Every B2B brand is currently looking to provide complete content regarding all forms of marketing and thus their budgets are also rising.

Customization and Humanization

While automation is on the rise in the technology world, the trend in the content marketing world is of humanization. Advertisements in all forms are now being given a human touch because as per market analysis this is the feature that most customers in the B2B world are acknowledging. This process is being done through customization of all forms of content to suit the social nature of the web platforms.

Change in funnel position

A funnel is basically a call to action amidst your content. Previously most of the funnels were placed at the beginning portion of the content; however current trends show us that these funnels have been shifted to the mid-section or the end of the content. This is probably so because the demand of B2B content is not the same as B2C content and therefore it is important for the target audience of a B2B brand to at least partially read the content before they take the call to action.

More such trends in the B2B marketing world are bound to arrive soon, and we will definitely be here updating you about it!

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