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Pro tips for B2B Content Marketing

All B2B brands produce content, some good, some bad, and some ugly. But the primary reason why their content does not fulfill its goals is not because of its quality, but rather the strategy is what is at fault. 90% of the B2B brands out there simply publish their content on various platforms and hope for the best. This is marketing, and hope isn’t going to get you much out of it. Hence, in this article we discuss how you can strategize your content and be sure about how it’s going to perform.

The first thing you need to look after is choosing the topics for your posts. Are you simply choosing them out of whatever keyword research you have done, or are you providing a purpose to them. A prospect buyer will only go through your content if they are facing a problem, and therefore your content needs to serve two purposes. Firstly, it needs to provide a direct set of solutions to the problem. The title itself should make it clear that the content aims to let someone know how to go about fixing their problems, and it goes without saying that the content needs to be accurate and to the point.

The second thing your content needs to aim for is conversion. There must be a point in the write ups, where the content shifts from how the problem solving process works to how your brand provides this solution. The conversion point needs to be absolutely subtle and the content herein should hold more ‘you’s than ‘we’s so that the tone of the content still remains customer specific.

And since part of your attention is going to be on the conversion perspective of your content, you also need to keep in mind the buyer journey. Every prospect customer will not convert at the same point, and therefore your conversion points can’t be all the same. Ensure that your content has conversion abilities for every stage of the buyer’s journey in order to make it more effective.

These are the two primary things that will give your content marketing the pro touch it needs. Apart from these you can try using various forms of content other than simply textual. Sticking to simple tone of content also helps increase reach and makes it user friendly.

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