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Lead generation tools that all B2B brands should consider placing on their website

There are various means by which a brand can choose to generate leads from the market, and most brands provide more than a single lead generation process. However there are more methods of generating leads other than cold calling and the usual marketing tropes, and these are the various lead generation tools that can be placed on your website.

Subscriber tools: these are basically tools that ask the visitor for a piece of information against the content you are providing them. These can be used to increase a brand’s mailing lists and subscriptions.

Promo tools:  promo tools serve as popups which can denote a singular message, whether it be a promotional offer or back-link to your landing page. These are tools to send one liner powerful messages which the user will not miss at any cost.

Pop up tools: these are tools which run on the basis of a trigger such as exiting or entering a certain page. A pop up can serve any purpose, but for marketing brands its most commonly use is to collect information.

Chat tools: chat widgets are a part and parcel of every brand right now, be it automated or real life. These are very useful when it comes to solving customer queries and answering FAQs.

Test tools: if you really care about customer experience these tools can be quite handy. You get to launch a test to get an idea of what the customer responds to the best, and thereby provide a personalized user experience towards your website.

These are some of the most useful tools that every marketing website should possess and use to full capacity. Other tools such as targeting tools and integrating tools can also be availed.

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