Top 5 Marketing Tools Every B2B Brand Needs In 2018 (Part 2)

A couple of weeks back we had given you a list of 5 marketing tools that one can use to better their marketing game. But if you take a look at the tech side of things, there are a huge number of tools available to a marketing brand. So, we put some thoughts into it and figured that limiting it to 5 was not going to be enough. People need to know about the various other tools out there and thus, here is a part 2 of the list.


OptinMonster provides a variety of marketing solutions such as web traffic analysis, lead nurturing, email marketing options, conversion tools, behavior automation, etc. This is an extremely useful tool no matter how big or small your brand is. OptinMonster has an use for almost all sorts of B2B brands and provides in depth analytics alongside a wide array of editor tools.


Marketo is a really good application for smaller brands looking for imminent growth, and also brands which are trying out ABM strategies. Marketo can help organize and analyze most forms of digital marketing alongside ABM strategies. It is quite an effective tool to have and it is priced really cheap.


Salesforce serves the purpose of organizing customer data and ensuring that your brand does not fail at customer satisfaction. This is a great management application to have for B2B brands which are expecting or currently engaging with huge numbers of leads. Using Salesforce is guaranteed to provide you with the best conversion ratios on your leads.


Social media marketing has become one of cornerstones of modern marketing and utilizing it to the fullest is absolutely important for a B2B marketing brand. SproutSocial allows you to schedule your posts across various social media platforms, and also provides quality analytics of post performances.


For brands looking to organize cross country webinars, Zoom is the best tool to have. This application allows creation of webinars containing more than 100 participants with ease, and a very useful toolset to conduct the process smoothly. You have great options such as dual monitors portraying both the panel and the speaker at the same time.

Remember to figure out which tool is the best suited for your brand and make use of trial versions if available before purchasing the application.

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