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Understanding and utilizing your crawl budget

Google uses bots that crawl through webpages all over the internet and bring up search results, everyone knows this. What a lot of people don’t know is that Google spends actual money on these bots so that they can follow a singular algorithm and maintain clean searches. So if you have the data of how many times your website has been crawled upon, and also a rough estimate of how much Google has spent on crawling only your website, you have what one calls a crawl budget. In this article we will explain how one can utilize their crawl budget to rank higher in Google search result rankings.

Once you have figured out your crawl budget, it is now time to optimize it. With this you can ensure that you draw Google’s attention away from certain few pages, and towards others. Google provides its crawl analytics through various mediums and all of them must be collected for maximum clarity. This will also allow you to identify the pages of your website that are getting more hits than the rest. Creating backlinks throughout the other pages for these ones can add traffic to them and boost your brand’s online presence.

This way you can also ensure that any new or temporary pages that are added to your website are provided with enough crawl budget. These can be promotional events or discounts which will further increase the number of hits to your website.

Google takes server issues very seriously. If your website has pages which crash, or functions that do not work properly, your crawl budget is going to be decreased as Google will deem you unfit for large amount of server demands. Improving server issues is key to ensuring that your website ranks higher in search results. Another thing to keep in mind is mobile device friendliness of your website. A good increase in crawl budget will also enable an increment in the ROI of the brand.

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