B2B ideas to upgrade your business in 2018

Let’s get one thing out of the way; running a B2B commerce brand is much tougher than running a B2C one. This is not just because B2B brands target an audience which is much tougher to crack and isn’t susceptible to the basic tricks of advertising, but also because the level of competition is almost insane. If you were to ask the industry professionals they will all tell you the same thing, that there is only one way to stay in the game, evolve!

These are probably the best tactics using which B2B businesses evolved this year, and we have laid them out here for you to take notes from.

If you are selling both B2B and B2C, don’t use separate domains

Most B2B brands end up doing this. They think that having a separate domain for their B2C deals will allow more streamlined activities, but they forget one major aspect, i.e. a lot of current B2B buyers are millennials and therefore they are also avid consumers. Brands which allowed their millennial customers to move over to being a B2B buyer faced a lot of success, and we suggest you do it too!

Move orders to automation

Most B2B brands were still stuck in the day of agreeing on orders via a phone call or email since these orders are in bulk amounts. This is probably one of the biggest changes this year as automated ordering systems much like any B2C brand became the primary method of ordering and customers were absolutely appreciative of this change.

Price tag hiding

Never before did a brand try to hide their price tags from a customer, but as of now most B2B brands not allowing their site visitors to see their price tags unless they make a customer id. This is primarily because other B2B brands would try to undercut them by selling at a lower rate. Higher levels of competition lead businesses to some weird places, this is one of them, but hey it works.

Allowing customized ordering

Customization is one of the latest business policies adopted by B2B brands and if you haven’t stepped up to this yet, we suggest you give a considerable amount of thought to this process. Most B2B customers, although placing bulk orders, would want some form of customization. And this is what most of the bigger brands used to nab a lot of extra leads.

So these are the 4 most used business techniques to grow your brand in 2018, now you can get on board too.


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