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Upcoming SEO trends to look out for

Here are some SEO trends that will dominate the business world in 2018. Nevertheless, there are still more to come as Google is continually getting updated. For now, let’s focus on the present and patiently wait for future updates.

SERP will take organic ranking

SERP features are getting attention of all searchers as well as clicks from organic search. Evolution of Google SERP must be considered so, it’s essential to track ranking in these features and monitor every feature that will show all keywords. SEO PowerSuit’s rank tracker can be used which will track all  Google SERP features as well as organic results.

Structured data

It is a way of HTML formatting where specific vocabulary is used to tell the search engine to interpret content and the how it must be displayed in SERPs.

Speed matters

Speed is not only a ranking signal, it is also a main UX factor which effects ranking. It is expected by Google that pages must load in just 3 seconds.

Relevance 2.0

Google will assess quality of contents and one of them is by latent semantic indexing. Google understands that terms are related and expectation is built with respect to what will appear in a given text. This allows Google to decide whether the content is important or not.

Voice search is a big deal

It has been reported by Google that 40% of adults and 55% of teen make use of voice search and the ratio of it is growing more than type search, here normal sentences are used and not any odd sounding lingo.

Mobile devices will take hold of everything

With increasing use of voice search, more than 50% of Google searches are coming from mobile devices and it’s impossible to ignore mobile SEO with respect to this. Every page must be mobile friendly, and the mobile test of Google available under content analysis must be used.

Backlinks which are linkless

So far links have been a search engine’s trust signals and maximum time is spent by SEO in optimizing this. Nevertheless, linkless mention will become an off-page signal. Search engines will also associate every mention of a brand as well as use of these for determining a site’s authority.

Personalized SERP

Personalized search results are not based on traditional ranking, but on information regarding the user. Along with Goggle, other search engines are also personalizing search results in various ways. In regard to these, it is considered that personalization will never work against anyone. When anyone is searching for anything for the first time, best efforts must be put to come in the top result.


Microformat abbreviation tags are given for supporting extra metadata as well as other attributes which includes social relation, contact information as well as geographical coordinates for all end users. This will point information as well as a resource regarding a website. Here more information you give to google, it will accurately rank your site accordingly.

Artificial intelligence

It is the next big technology that is adopted by Google’s RainBrain algorithm and Google has confirmed that RainBrain is the third important factor that has to be taken into consideration with respect to ranking.

These SEO trends must not be ignored at any cost.

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