What are Chatbots and how can they help?

Chatbots, also known as artificial conversational entities, are computer programs which make use of textual and auditory methods to carry out human like conversations. They are designed to stimulate human behavior just like a conversational partner and are used for various practical purposes in a range of dialogue systems. Sophisticated natural language processing systems are also used by some of the more complex chatbot systems but the common ones usually make use of keyword search algorithms.

One of the biggest misconceptions about chatbots is that they can communicate with a human just like any other human being would do. What a chatbot basically does is look for keywords within your query and pull up responses from its catalog. This is how most chatbot applications such as those of Facebook, Uber, etc. work.

Chatbots can help change B2B marketing in quite an effective manner.

These can be used to engage fast ongoing processes by taking initial inquiries and building an overall picture of clients’ need. Since social media is now a part of both B2B as well as B2C spheres, it is important that businesses are monitoring interaction with their clients via these platforms. And since chatbots are available the whole day, the clients can provide their feedback during their own free times.

Apart from these, customer support systems and email automation systems can also make use of chatbots. Most B2B brands are currently using chatbots in one process or another, and we strongly insist that you make use of this revolutionary conversation system as well.


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