Account Based Marketing

How to know if your ABM strategy is working?

Account based marketing as a strategy has become huge for B2B companies in recent times. Almost all the major players in the industry are hiring ABM platforms to get an edge in the industry. Now this does not necessarily mean that everyone’s getting the best out of it. The key reason for this is the fact that not everyone is ready to use ABM platforms; and thus they are not able to assess their strategy regarding how to go about doing this.

Keeping this in mind, here are ways in which a brand can make sure that their ABM strategy is working.

Number of target accounts

The most basic purpose of any ABM platform is to target the right accounts and if this is not on par, then nothing can help your strategy. Things to look out for include the usage of AI technology to identify the target accounts suited for your business.

Advertising process

When an account based marketing strategy is being used as the primary mode of targeting, then the form of advertising must also take a shift towards the account based module. The target of an ABM system’s advertising process should be to deepen the connections with the various target accounts and create a long term sales relationship.

Data engagement

The reason most ABM platforms don’t work is because they don’t strike the accounts at the right time. And this is because of lack in data engagement. If the data is engaged in real time then there will be an acute sense of when the accounts are running hot and maximize sales. So the ABM platform you seek out must have active and real time data engagement options.

Drive customer success

When a brand chooses an ABM to drive its sales, one of the primary things to look after becomes whether customer success is being dealt with in the right way. Most ABM processes are too busy analyzing the customer accounts and they forget the factors which lead to customer success and thereby long term sales.

The good thing is that there are quite a few ABM vendors to choose from and thus you have a lot of options to ensure that your plan is going right. Keep these key points in mind while selecting the platform and analyzing how it’s running.


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