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Top 4 things to learn about data marketing to move up in the B2B marketing world

If a marketing executive thinks that the data they are receiving isn’t worth much, and rather the skillset is what determines their success, their career in the marketing world will be very short lived. Data is amongst one of the single most important aspects when it comes to marketing. According to Forbes almost 50% of all the IT companies around the world have included accuracy regarding data as part of their future goals.  So here are 4 things you need to learn about how to handle your data.

Do not be overwhelmed

With all the data that’s pouring into the world, it is quite normal for a B2B marketing executive to be overwhelmed. However, this is no reason to not create accurate lists regarding these data. The better the accuracy of the data, the more the executives will be able to use it to their benefit. The best policy is to first formulate a categorization plan and then proceed to handle the data.

Manual Scavenging

Sounds nasty right? That’s because it is. No matter how good your AI may be, in the end, there is no replacement for manually cleaning and categorizing each and every piece of data that has been received. And without any doubt it can be stated that any marketing executive that handles their own data is bound to succeed in the B2B world. Regularly reviewing older data for updating accuracy is also a great way of keeping your data clean.

Means to an end

Most of the data that we deal with are filled with all sorts of tech oriented jargon and thus we are used to looking at it from a technical perspective. However, the central concept to understand here is that data serves as a means. And it is such a free source that it can serve as a means for any end you choose. However, the most common mistake B2B marketing executives make is to consider the data as the end in itself and not build their strategy upon it, after analyzing it.


As much as every worker needs to be up close and personal with their data, it is also important for the managers to have an association with it as well. This way, the managers would be able to control the execution process more efficiently and also stay in the loop with the movements of the marketing executives.

Keep in mind, data is to marketing what water is to this world, there’s always enough but you have to clean it to have it!

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