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The Power of Hashtags in a B2B Marketing Campaign

Hashtags have been one of the most powerful trends in the recent marketing world. They allow your content to be found no matter how distant from the actual search material, as long as it contains the same hashtags. It’s fair enough to say that this changes the SEO game altogether and allows content marketers a different set of power when dealing with the target audience.

For a B2B marketing campaign to use the right hashtags there are quite a few criteria to be kept in mind. But if done right it can lead to a swarm of organic hits and create a great amount of lead via social media marketing. Of course there are no finite limits to what the number of total hashtags should be nor is there a list of them since they are usually product specific, but here are a few general ones to start with:

  • #Marketing
  • #Content
  • #DigitalMarketing
  • #B2BMarketing
  • #BrandPromo

A good method of gathering hashtags on social media is by searching with different hashtags on the various social media sites to see which ones match which type of client. Backtrack this with your list of probable clients and now you have a set of 6-8 hashtags that you can consider as targets. Provide original content alongside these hashtags and try to use more engaging content formats such as videos or gifs.

Branding and Hashtag

#Branding is one of the most searched hashtags in the world of marketing. Your job is to ensure that the first hashtag to stand beside it in the search results is your own. While you use 6-8 target hashtags for your B2B marketing campaign, also for a few of your own related to the brand and also one containing just the brand name. Allow a time period to see which one of these hashtags get picked up and then concentrate more on that. The power of a singular hashtag is unimaginable. In recent times the hashtag #MeToo showed us a glimpse of the unimaginable power house that is the social media as this hashtag was used across all platforms.

Since a successful B2B social media campaign aims at organic reaches, more often than not the paid promotions do not help in this regard. In such situations the correct usage of hashtags can redeem a lot from failed advertisements since they can still help in pushing the hashtags across multitudes of profiles.

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