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Understanding AI Marketing And Why Using AI Is Shifting B2B Trends Away From SEO Marketing

Technology has been forever changing the marketing game and this is the next logical step. Previously, technologies such as big data allowed marketing agencies to reach out to the niche of customers its products or services are aimed for. But even with such narrowing down of the field, there were still more misses than hits whenever a marketing technique was applied, be it email marketing or social media campaigns. However, with the use of Artificial Intelligence you can now keep a track of your customer base’s public profiles and actually anticipate their status and decide the time and type of marketing campaign that is best suited for each individual consumer.

The process of automation is a step forward in the technological field however it is indeed aimed towards creating a more ‘human’ approach in the field of B2B marketing. What most marketing agencies forget is that their consumer niche is at the end of the day individual humans, and thus their necessities and reactions are not always the same. With the help of the current AI technology you are given a better chance at segregating the targeted consumer base on the basis of categories that are more human rather than on the basis of marketing strategies.

Identifying Human Trends

When all the sheaths are taken off, marketing is no more than an interaction between a seller and a potential buyer. What the AI marketing software introduces in this scenario is the extra power in the hand of the seller to analyze the reactions of the potential buyer to various approaches and also zero down on their exact needs at the moment. These two pieces of information become game changers for reasons as simple as the fact that now you have more information on how your product will sell best.

So, in a nutshell what the AI marketing software do is instead of filtering out online searches through keyword matches, they monitor the entire online personas within your consumer base and select the best possible options for you. As a result of this the SEO marketing policies clearly take a weaker stance when it comes to finding organic hits for your products.

The Search Never Ends

The times of simply selecting people who subscribe to products or services that are similar to yours as your primary consumer base are over. The AI services that you put into play keeps a constant update on how each of these people change in their approach towards products and marketing approaches, and thus is able to constantly filter out any stagnant consumer that may be on your list. This is undoubtedly a huge boon to B2B marketing agencies since it allows them not only a better allocation of their time and effort but also ensures that future marketing agendas are better set than the ones before. If one were to place imageries to such processes, SEO marketing would be like shooting an arrow in a dark room full of potential buyers, and the AI marketing is basically lighting up a bulb in the room.


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