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Visual marketing tips from industry professionals

Visual marketing is knowledge about the relationship between context and object in addition to its applicable image. On behalf of a disciplinary link between laws of visual perception, economy and cognitive psychology, the subject mostly applies to industries such as fashion and design.

Creating convincing and stimulating stories is just half the work, but it’s correspondingly significant to study the project ‘structure’ and ‘look’ of every content that will help in conveying messages to stand ahead of competition. Various B2B companies are  investing in visual storytelling and design. A nice design besides visual structure will help in creating an emotional connection with respect to one’s  needs. Numerous articles give information and support  research regarding  best content strategies, but most don’t invest in designs.

Here are some facts about “visual marketing” that will take one to traffic as well as  conversion metrics.

  1. Slide Presentations

It’s an awesome way for every B2B company for increasing their digital footprint along with sharing messages in a way that will appeal all prospects as well as existing clients.

  1. Infographics

Traffic can increase up to 12% by using infographics. This will include stats, facts as well as figures. When people love it at once, they will invest in design that will help in turning information into something unique.

  1. Real-time Images

It will indeed be compelling to share real images about anything under the Sun. This is a good opportunity for B2B as well as for B2C. Customer events as well as community events can also be posted.

Some short visual marketing tips:

  1. Create customer tweets
  2. Embed call to action buttons
  3. Provide real and original products
  4. Market across numerous social media platforms
  5. Use more images as well as videos

Here are a few companies which can help you with visual content:

  1. Dropbox
  2. Help Scout
  3. General Electric
  4. Intuit
  5. Square
  6. Kinvey
  7. American Marketing Association
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