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Top 5 reasons why blogging is beneficial to B2B brands and why you should be paying attention to it

Blogging has existed for a long time now, and this platform has been used for a variety of purposes, both business oriented and otherwise. When it comes to B2B content marketing techniques, blogging has been always present but with the arrival of social media marketing, blogs have taken a backseat. Most B2B brands still own a blog and publish content on it from time to time but the effort dedicated here is not even close to what is done for social media.

Let me tell you that this is not really a sound marketing policy that most of these brands are walking on. Firstly, the hits that a blog generates are absolutely organic since you will not have bots crawling through your blog which is not the same for social media. And secondly, it is easy to go back and find older content in a blog which once again is a hardship for social media platforms. Although blogging provides these two critical advantages, I can see that many of you are not yet sold on the benefits of this old form of media. So here are 5 more crucial factors that blogging provides that you should be paying attention to.

  1. Your blog is under your own control and no one else’s. The algorithms of a blog do not change so as long as you are providing fresh and original content, the chances of someone finding your blog is as much as your competitor’s.
  2. You can provide any format of media on your blog and it will not affect the reach of your content in any manner. Nowadays on media like Facebook people need to constantly provide video content for maximum reach, this is not at all the case with blogs.
  3. Providing content for blogs is the cheapest form of providing marketing content. Your in house writer and designer can do it without breaking any sweat.
  4. You have the option to share your blogs all across social media platforms and thus increase the chances of potential customers finding your blog.
  5. A blog can serve as a library for all your content, organized, and with ready analytics.

I hope by now I have been able to draw your attention as to why blogging is the most important form of content marketing out there for B2B brands. This however does not mean that you take your sights away from the wide world that is social media, but rather that you start paying more attention to one of the most easy going platforms ever.

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