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Why chatbots are essential for Business

Chatbot are computer programs that can easily copy human conversation with the use of artificial intelligence. They are transforming the manner by which people interact with internet . Currently chat apps are new browsers along with chatbots, the new website.

Some examples of chatbots are Google Now, Alexa, Siri and Cortana. These are designed for ultimate virtual assistant that will help one complete tasks including getting driving direction, answering questions, playing favorite tunes even turning  the thermostat in your home.

Steps for implementing chatbot for business:

Chatbot that is trending in organization must be implemented after taking into consideration planning as well as strategies.

  1. Analyzing potential clients – It’s necessary to define the line of business that chatbot will serve B2B or B2C. Since communication will take place with human only so in both these situations, chatbots are possible. Nevertheless, clarification require first during the time of creating the process.
  1. Objectives must be clear in each line of business – It must be clearly defined which type of business will benefit from chatbot.It is important to discuss with the team internally to get an idea about how the bot can be directed.
  1. Decide the type of chatbot needed – Once the need of business is defined, it is essential to note all priorities since it is quite possible that chatbot will support you with more than 1 activity so understand the central function of the same which may include
  • Customer support
  • Sale of products
  • News sharing

Everything may not be possible, it is important without fail that the team that will develop the chatbot must have complete roadmap to include future use as well as avoid all those that will cost company.

  1. Think about customers first – If you are all set in implement chatbot, it is essential to think about user’s experience else the bot is of no use. It is important that you work with the team as you will be given best recommendation with respect to company and client.
  1. Future must be planned – Certain steps must be cleared before which includes technical implication, preparing infrastructure and moving to the next level. Always remember that chatbot success is only possible when a clear purpose is defined along with on time establishment of all objectives. Regarding any doubt, discuss with experts in the company and then plan out all as required.
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