Cloud platforms deliver next gen customer innovation for intelligent enterprises

SAP SE has recently declared that novel consumption that is based on customer’s commercial model to effortlessly acquire as well as engage SAP Cloud Platform, the company’s platform as a service (PaaS). Latest updates from the World Mobile Congress, Barcelona about SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS, includes next generation tech that will allow customers to spread enterprise apps conveniently along with processes to every mobile device.

SAP Leonardo SAP’S digital innovation’s foundation is SAP Cloud Platform. Together they all allow fast innovation as well as empower customer for becoming “intelligent enterprises” all set for 21st century. During this announcement, Björn Goerke, SAP Cloud Platform Chief Technology Officer and president  said, “The new consumption-based commercial model for SAP Cloud Platform makes it even easier for our customers and partners to build and extend innovative solutions utilizing our increasing portfolio of platform and business services.”

He further added, “Innovations in mobile delivery with consumer-grade experiences via our new SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS give organizations more freedom and agility to create and reinvent their businesses.”

SAP Cloud Platform: Intelligent enterprise’s foundation

SAP Cloud Platform’s novel consumption-based commercial model offers a simple, customer experience for the purpose of using SAP Cloud Platform services. Cloud credits are acquired easily as well as available SAP Cloud Platform services can be activated quickly with the use of a single provisioning cockpit. This will clients to innovate on their respective terms and speed.

Along with this, novel commercial model offers transparency in the usage of every service that is used through regular reporting, metering as well as detailing accounting analytics on the client’s cloud credit usage as well as balance. This makes it convenient for clients to recognize, obtain as well as monitor required services for their respective application on a routine basis.

Customers can easily have new designed web experience for testing, exploring as well as checking price along with estimating SAP Cloud Platform use regarding innovation projects and everything else in a single site. This new model makes inventing with SAP Cloud Platform very simple along with offering high quality combined with flexibility keeping in view every type of enterprise.

The improved SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS offers appealing client grade mobile work experience together with novel controls as well as tight incorporation with numerous other capabilities in SAP Cloud Platform to deliver robust enterprise mobile apps.

It supports consumption as well of SAP Leonardo services including image recognition from mobile app. Clients from SAP API Business Hub can now contact application programming interfaces in the apps simultaneously with the use of SAP Translation Hub easily translating apps.

Along with this, novel analytic controls allows real time data analytics as well as visualizations in mobile apps from SAP Cloud Platform Big Data Service, SAP S/4HANA® along with the SAP HANA® business data platform. Extra updates makes it convineant to use iOS device capabilities in the entire processes for administrative related task  which includes onboarding.

Compañía Española de Petróleos, S.A.U. (CEPSA), a Spanish multinational gas and oil company, uses SAP Cloud platform with the purpose of meeting emerging requirement of gas and oil users.

As said by CEPSA Chief Information Officer Joaquin Reyes, “We needed an innovative platform for app development, and SAP Cloud Platform SDK for iOS was a natural choice,”. He further said, “by integrating our SAP back-end applications and developing iOS apps for order fulfillment and payment processing, we were able to streamline our business processes throughout our entire value chain. As a result, our employees, partners and service-station managers are now able to improve the overall customer experience.”

SAP introduced 2 novel iOS mobile apps, they are SAP Insurance Sales Assistant that allows an insurance agent to effectively manage every sales activity by giving complete customer insights along with an overview of performance KPIs. SAP Asset Manager influence digital core along with SAP S/4HANA along with SAP Cloud Platform as internet of things platform for the purpose of managing work orders, monitoring conditions, consumption of material, failure analysis and time management.

As of now, SAP being the market leader in enterprise application helps numerous companies as well as industries run better. It includes everything, boardroom, back office, storefront, warehouse, mobile device as well as desktop. SAP empowers manpower as well as organization to work efficiently in harmony.

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