#Hashtags used smartly by smart marketers

Hashtags were never meant to be used as a marketing tool but they have been used cleverly by numerous brands for engaging people. It will give ample benefit if used in a proper way else the brand’s name will be impacted.

Hashtag is a kind of metadata tag is used globally on social networks, including Twitter as well as on various micro blogging services. Hashtag allows users for applying lively, user-generated tags, which allows others as well to find messages with some unique theme and content.

The hashtag is used with its sign # in front of word, number or alphanumeric character as well as at a message’s end.

As you have said bye to 2017, similarly, say bye to the old way of using the hashtag and start using these ways which may definitely look short and simple but is the core of this subject.

  1. Never use the common hashtag for every post

Don’t make the mistake of copying and pasting hashtag in every post. This will be seen as spam and will reduce your post’s visibility. For every post a different set of hashtag must be used.

  1. Use hashtag and let the post look clean and tidy

If you want your post to look clean, keep the hashtag ready to be used in the comment along with photos irrespective of whether you are using in the comment or in a photo.

  1. Adding hashtag to stories

Hashtag can be used by those who post stories in Instagram; this will by default invite more users.

Remember that it’s not about using hashtag, It is about using is wisely so, start following 3 main strategies of hashtag regarding the manner they are to be used in marketing

These strategies of hashtag must be used if you love your business. There is no doubt that you love your business so what is keeping you from using these strategies?

  1. Trending : Trending hashtag has indeed become very popular and they continuously change; come and go. So, by using trending tag, your message can be seen by huge number of people. Trending tags can be monitored with the use of these Hashtags.org, Statigram,Trendsmap
  1. Brand : Brand specific tags are those that are made for your specific business, they can be used for promotion and brand. A brand hashtag must be unique and it must clearly define your business. This can be used as a central business tag, anytime and on any site.  It must be short and easy to be spelled
  1. Content : Content hashtag can be used in post even if they are not trending or are popular. They will be simple tags that will relate to your post. They improve your post’s SEO. Updates that you make will be seen by your consumers who will be searching using the word hashtag.

Tips to followed without fail to use the hashtag on social media sites

In today’s time hashtag and social media walk together except LinkedIn. Kindly have some patience and read out ways by which hashtag can be used in every social media site.

  1. Hashtag to be used Twitter : Hashtags are used on numerous platforms. Till 2007 hashtag didn’t really hold twitter, but current best practice of it suggests that in a single tweet there must not be 2 hashtags.
  1. Hashtag being used on Facebook : On Facebook hashtag is not used as often as it is used on twitter and this is admitted by Facebook users as well but they still recommend using this.
  1. Hashtag being used on Instagram : Instagram love hashtag and people add it to caption their video and images. So, it isn’t unusual to see hashtags being attached to any image.
  1. Hashtag being used on Google+ : Google+ beats Facebook in terms of hashtag being used. Auto fill for hashtag is also offered by Google+ which is a productive away to find hashtag.
  1. Hashtag being used on YouTube : In YouTube maximum hashtags are found in comment and while searching for the same here, it will give various results. Using hashtag here influences search results and there is a high possibility of bringing videos from other countries in various other languages.

So, after going through these platforms where hashtag is used if you still desire to see hashtag across numerous platforms together you can trust tag board for sure.

Always remember a simple thing and that everything gives result when used at the right time and in the right manner, this is applied to hashtag as well.

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