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A content marketing guide for B2B marketing brands

Content marketing is an age old chasm, even for B2B brands. Then you may wonder why a guide for something that everyone knows how more or less? The answer is simple, the rules have changed. People’s attention spans are getting smaller and content is being more digitalized each day. In such a state one has to keep their game extremely strong to be able to use their content marketing skills to generate leads. And this is where we come in. Have a look at these industry professional tips for B2B content marketing executives.

Fit your content into boxes

As per industry surveys, the general concentration span of a person on a certain content is little below 40 seconds. This means that you have a little over half a minute to engage your audience using your content. This applies to almost all sorts of content which is published by a B2B agency. So fit your content into boxes and deliver strong headlines to engage the target.

Videos killed everything

If your brand is not using video marketing as their primary form of content marketing, you are probably doing it wrong. Not only are video contents much more viewed by audiences, they are also more engaging and can provide a much better call to action option than any other form of media. You can make a 10 second video with merely texts to long drawn fully animated advertisements. The scope here is almost limitless.

Start with a story

A common mistake most content marketers make is starting with a lot of technical info. This is most likely to drive away most viewers. Rather, if you start with a story (not a literal story, but something more humanized) then you are more likely to grab the attention of the viewer within the first 30 seconds and then allow yourself to get into the tech side of things.

There is no replacement for authenticity

If content marketing is your game, ripping off others’ taglines or rephrasing their content is not going to help you much. You have to be absolutely authentic with our content and at times this means being the early bird. For example if you are trying to share the latest news in any sphere, if you aren’t the first to share a particular piece of news, a lot of people would have read it already and will simply skip your content right at the headline.

So next time you head into the content booth to generate some B2B leads, use these points as guides to your strategy.

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