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Important Content Marketing Trends To Start In The B2B World

Content marketing is one of the most important sectors of marketing and it also pays off its due if practiced right. These are some of the latest trends in the content marketing world that every B2B marketing brand should stay updated about.

There will be more small/bit sized content

Previously, the emphasis was on lengthy content, but as time has passed the attention span of people has decreased. This has allowed the marketing world to realize that people usually prefer videos, infographics and white papers instead of lengthy blog posts.

Influencer marketing will change

More than 90% of the people trust recommendations from individual systems which increases their purchasing intention more than anyone else. Even Google trends has vouched for this change and this will deeply influence businesses.

Customers expect transparency

Beyond words, camera, and action, customers are now trusting on transparency since there are just few brands who actually give what they promise. Most brands tend to play with words about what they provide. So, in the current marketing trend people want honesty above all else.

Videos are increasingly becoming important

There is an increasing use of video content and the demand of it on content creation will be increased by almost three times as compared to what it is now. A big reason for this being the smartphone boom.

Lifestyle marketing is what brands will prefer

Engage people and they will turn back to you over and over again. If everything is examined closely, it is clear that engaging customers is always more expensive than acquiring new customers. It has become common for marketers in creating contact strategy where audience will be woven together in the correct cycle.

Growth of native advertising

When quality inventory is available easily, it is without doubt that readers will accept it and advertisers will be ready to spend on native advertising. Moreover, consumers respond much better to native advertisement.

Many more trends will be coming soon and when they do we shall be here with another article!


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