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How social media provides insight into an organisation beyond marketing needs

Social media is undoubtedly universal and is all set to become more ingrained in personal as well as business activities. Social media in the past few years has reborn as a hypear focused business tool. More than 90% of B2B organizations are using social media as a content marketing tactic. Thus, it won’t be wrong to say that underestimating the impact of social media on marketing is a big mistake.

Social media is not limited to just marketing function that is used to encourage and gain leads. In fact it can aid all departments over an organization. It is a source of truth for consumer’s opinion regarding products, brands, figureheads or current trends. Moreover, social media analytics will become integrated further with both overall business benchmarks and marketing.

Research and Development

Social media is not used just by brands for inserting their message in the social space. Along with this, it also allows people to know more about products that they want as this medium offers opinion of others as well who are using the product. Thus, this is where research and development departments may enter social listening conversation.

Although social media is not as planned and controlled as traditional focus group when it comes to research and development. Nevertheless, along with time and dedication one can use these channels for their respective company’s advantage.

Human Resource

Social media is also used by the human resource department as it plays an unmatched role in the recruitment process. It is not only used to highlight company’s culture along with it, it is also used to search potential candidates.

Social media is used by forward-thinking businesses to further their respective recruiting efforts. They clearly understand that in order to communicate with million, they have to speak their language. Moreover, latest social media platforms provide a perfect conduit for all employers to reach target audience.

Forward thinking businesses are using social media to further their respective recruiting efforts. They understand without fail that it is necessary to speak the language of million in order to communicate with them.

LinkedIn is the best platform when social media with respect to HR is concerned. Consumer focused platform like Twitter, Facebook as well as Instagram are useful tools  to show a company’s culture with respect to recruiting purpose; allowing current employees to share job opportunities through their personal network. Moreover, social media is also used by HR representatives to gain a better understanding of potential candidates.

Along with this, social media is also used to determine types of benefits, perks and more that an organization needs to consider in order to attract target talents.

Customer Service

Social media is also a customer service platform for those who are seeking to resolve their respective frustrating problems. Social media helps in resolving frustrating issues  with customers; followed by a meaningful conversation and monitor issues before they become full-blown problems. If brands are responsible towards customer satisfaction, they will pay attention to every comment and leave no stone unturned in solving them.

According to a study done by Aberdeen Group, companies that are aware about what is required to build and retain customer  satisfaction by staying aware about customer’s need through social media platform outperform brands that don’t do this.

Social media is much more than scrolling a hash tag. Numerous data are available and companies need a powerful and strategic method for analyzing conversation across multiple platforms. Social media builds a platform that will cut the noise and help companies draw concrete solution that will impact the bottom line in a positive way.

The experience and benefits of using social media is matchless and much beyond words that can be used to express the same.

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