6 powerful reasons why your business requires video marketing

It won’t be wrong to say that today we are living in the world of personalized video marketing. Almost 63% of businesses have started using personalized videos and they firmly feel that it is an important part of their business strategy. They feel that it gives them a good return of investment and soon this will be followed by all as everyone expects ROI. Here are the reasons why one should cater their marketing techniques to include video marketing.

 Great return of investment

Videos undoubtedly give a better return of investment. Moreover, these are constantly improving and becoming affordable. A relief related to all these is videos need not be absolutely perfect and dazzling since most customers focus more on the content and if product and service isn’t explained properly, it puts them off.

Google friendly

Video allows one to spend time on a particular site as a video has the power to tell stories. If there is a video on your website’s home page, it is quite possible that you will rank high in Google. YouTube is now owned by Google so, this shows the importance that video plays in search engine rank as most videos are also uplaoded to YouTube channels.

Conversation booster

It is evident that by adding a product video in the landing page one can most likely increase conversions by  more than 80 %. A study has shown that video can lead to more sales as users like watching ‘explainer videos’.

Mobile viewers

With the increase in the number of smartphone users, videos are at an all time high watching rate since now it can be watched on the go. Throughout the marketing world, videos are now the primary form of content for engaging maximum audience.

Attention grabbing

Videos have the ability to grab the attention of the viewer like no other form of media. And in this age of shortening attention spans, videos are the best way to get the attention of the target market and get your advert across.

Reducing websites bounces

Placing a video on your landing page can make a hell and heaven difference to your bounce rates. Most marketing brands have high bounce rates since their landing pages lack engaging content. This can be changed by placing product videos or offer videos.

Video advertisement is becoming affordable and growing wide due to advancement in technology all over the globe. A need for creativity as well as knowledge of human psychology are some of things required to create good marketing videos.

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