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All you need to know about customer experience in the age of social media

In today’s age of social media, customer’s experience is developing as the latest technology and new products are constantly being introduced. Instead of brands proving themselves superior, now a days customers show the real face of a brand through social media. People gather and discuss their experiences with respect to using a particular product or service. Here other people also gather and give their opinion about the brand.

How to Attract Customers

Online marketing plays an important role in today’s time for any business by creating awareness about the brand. People will only share their individual stories if the products or services of a particular brand are modified based on the customer’s requirement. There are numerous ways of attracting customers through social media marketing, continue reading and you will come to know more about these.

Be active socially

The most important thing to attract customer is attract them socially. Build healthy relationships with audiences and this will help your brand in building trust among them.

Creative content will bring curiosity

Bring more eyes to your content. Highly attractive and informative post will reflect on your brand as there are higher chances of it being shared on social media. Content must have 80/20 rule; 80 % must be innovative while 20% may be used as a kind of sales promotion. Nevertheless, remember that always speak the truth as it does not matter how creative your content is, if it attracts simple things in a very flowery way, sooner or later people will come to know that these are just words with no resemblance to reality and they will stop trusting it.

Marketing matters

Marketing is a great way of influencing customers. It builds a social impact in promoting a product also has the power to start social revolution along with cultivating brand loyalty. Organic marketing solution will bring awareness about your brand along with paving a way through which prospect customers will walk with delight towards your brand. Invite all friends to join the fan page.

Add smile to your customer’s face

For making your brand visible, gain response from people. Make them smile through engaging post, this way selling a product will be inspirational.

Offering good user experience pays well

The user experience must be uninterrupted by presenting them smooth platform which will help them visit your site as well as buy products from there. The business website must be responsive along with information that you give in its social media page; customers must able to access it easily and get benefitted from it as well.

Build trust and guarantee security

Online transaction experience is the only way by which you will build trust in people’s heart about your brand. This is possible only when people will come to know that the website is authentic, tells the truth rather than using flowery words to cover the false.

Create your content’s schedule

Keep your customers updated about products and brands by using social media platform like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Everything must go as per the plan so that you can focus more on your business.

Ways by which customer satisfaction can be improved through social media

In various organizations, social media is a powerful client relationship tool that will drive traffic as well as hamper brand’s reputation if not used properly.

Kindly note following customer engagement strategies

  1. Social media must be used for answering customer question as well as solving problems

Relationship with customers can be improved by answering their numerous questions without fail. If customers have issues, their all questions must be answered without fail as they need the right way to go out from their doubts and confusion. Your company must be ready to answer these fast without fail. Staying aware and providing prompt service is the only way to get productive return of investment for you as well as your customers.

  1. Social media must also be used to keep customer update about problem

Use social media to be proactive, if something is wrong tell people also say that you are aware about the problem and you are in the process of solving it. As soon as everything is solved, then also tell people so that they are updated bout the same. If there is discount or any other offer, tell people about this so that they can use it and inform others as well.

  1. Use social media for humanizing your brand

You can build customer relationship only when you build way by which customer can relate to your company. These media will be a voice by which you can show how much you care about your customers and your relation with customers does not end after selling products and services.

  1. Social media must be used to turn neutral as well as negative comments into positive ones

If anyone has commented something bad about your product or service, acknowledge them for bringing the matter in front of you. Say that the matter will be solved and try to give a definite time instead of just saying words and not doing anything about it. Apologies as well as thank them for bringing the problem in front of you and promise to solve it soon.

Remember that if you are able to build customer’s loyalty and allow them to speak about your products and services, the name and fame that you will get, no one can remove these. In today’s world customers will speak about your brand and this will be trusted by everyone.

Simply stay alert about customer’s problems and solve at every cost. Make all these aware to people and they will definitely speak well about your brand. It will take time initially and once it’s done, you have to maintain it and your brand will rule the world.

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